The MHR20 -550 does NOT require an in-tank float switch. Previously, it was common for these setups to require an in-tank switch that would rise/fall with the water and change the electrical signals accordingly. HYJETs modern and complete MHR setup is specially designed for quick and easy installation, so its switch over system is completely automatic. In the event of a dry water tank or power failure, the MHR Series does the thinking for you and automatically changes back to Mains supply. 


MHR-20 550 Hydraulic Mains / Rain Changeover

  • Specifications

    Motor / power: 550W
    Max. flow:  70 litres / minute
    Head: 38m
    Pump Inlet diameter: 1″
    Pump Outlet diameter: 1″
    Beltrami MHR20 Outet: ¾”
    Beltrami MHR20 Mains Inlet: ¾”
    Pump Style: Above Ground
    Body Material: AISI 304 stainless steel motor and pump shaft
    Warranty on pump: 2 Years

  • Usage

    • Household water supply
  • Features

    • Electronic Controller
    • No in-tank float switch
    • Quick & Easy to install
    • AS/NZS 4020 Compliant for drinking water contact
    • Suitable for single & double storey homes
    • Automatically switches to mains in case of power failure
    • Watermarked dual check valve for back flow prevention